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Michael Cox

36 Years Old

I live in Sedgley in West Midlands and currently serving in the Royal Navy and have been for the last 14 years. In May 2020 I found out that I had a blood clot (DVT) in my left leg. This was the first time this had happened to me and it also meant that I wasn't allowed to be deployed if needed. I was absolutely gutted about it and I felt down.


However, with my wife, kids, family members and close friends to help me through these times. I also got into blogging my football manager saves too which kept my mind busy during my recovery period and which I have carried on since. (http://Coxiefm.wordpress.com).
In December last year, I got the full clear after spending nearly 7 months on medication, in which I'm buzzing. With that my next goal is to get back to a standard of fitness in which my job requires so I can carry on seeing the world.