How it started

The Peoples FC was founded by the Chairman, Kye Trott after he found a family friend that took their life in a local park near his home. Kye suffered from PTSD and couldn’t overcome the fear of talking about the incident for a couple of years. After some time, he decided to speak out about what had happened and founded ‘Plumstead Charity Cup’ and with this, The Peoples FC were created alongside it. The main goal for the team is to help raise money for those in need but to also help assist with the family friend’s children by giving them the proceeds from the matches. 



Chairman, Founder of The Peoples FC

On the 19th April 2017, I went to a local park near where I live to play football with two friends. I went into this park and unfortunately found a family friend who had hung himself in the park in a bushy area of the park. I was the first person to find him after him being there for a day.
After suffering from PTSD and receiving no help I decided to do a charity game with my best friend and now my co-chairman Raja to raise money for my family friends two children he left behind. After the day was a great success we decided to create the People’s FC to raise awareness for men's mental health and also raise as much money for people who need help the most.

Raja Singh

Co-Founder & Vice President of The Peoples FC

I am Raja Singh the Co-Founder of The Peoples' FC.
The club goes back into its early days of Welling Comms which was run by a very young Kye in which I would help out when I could. Kye and I decided to do a one-off game to raise money for 2 children who unfortunately lost their father to suicide. This is now known as the Plumstead Charity Cup played every year. 

I had a great interest in youtube football and Kye had a great interest in developing a charity, so we merged our ideas together and built what it is known today as
The Peoples' FC.

We will continue to stick by our values and help out as many people as possible who are in need hence why he shouts "For The People" before every game.

mikey rumin

Manager of The Peoples FC First Team

I joined The Peoples FC after reading about how it affected Kye in terms of their mental health. I then noticed their growing presence on social media and decided to get in touch with Kye and Raja, they then appointed me as the First Team Manager. I'm already a part of the youtube scene with Hashtag United, I've been very lucky to experience some lifetime experiences, I've had the chance to play in 4 countries such as Australia, Latvia, Malta & France. My main expectation is to help drive The Peoples FC into the same route that I
have experienced.

daniel conyer

Manager of The Peoples FC Reserves

I'm Daniel Conyer the Reserves Manager. I already knew Kye through another team, Welling Town and I also started playing for the club when Kye needed a centre back. I hadn't played for a few years and wanted to get back into football again so I felt that this was an opportunity not to miss, plus I love what the club stands for, the charity work and what they do for the local community and kids. It wasn't long when he made me Captain for the Reserves, then after a few games he wanted me to become the manager of the Reserves and I was more than happy to do so. My plan of action is to help drive the team forward, achieve as many trophies as we can whilst helping the local community.


Lewis Holloway

Manager of The A-Team

On December 2019, I reached out to Kye via Twitter about wanting to get involved with The Peoples FC, as I had been watching their episodes frequently on YouTube and I wanted to get involved within The Peoples FC in a management role as I had previous experience as an Assistant Manager at Chimaira Reserves FC. 
On August 2020, Kye messaged me directly letting me know that there was a coaching position at the A-Team, which I jumped at the opportunity to get involved. After being at the club a while, I was lucky enough to be promoted to the A-Team manager. 

It would be an understatement to say that I have loved my time so far at the club, from my first UCL trip to Essex singing my initiation song in front of 30 strangers, those 30 strangers whom I can hand on my heart say are now like family to me! For the People!